Zafi Beverages Inc.

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About Us
Zafi Beverages has evolved both in breadth of function and scope. Our parent company, Advance International Marketing, was established in 1987. Zafi's inception as a beverage company led to research and development and in 2004, Zafi Premium Energy Drink was launched in North America through Pepsi-Co bottling. Since then we have acquired extensive knowledge on manufacturing and packaging technologies while building an organizational structure that enables us to efficiently serve our clients.

We offer various lines of beverage flavors and manufacturing technologies to meet your bottling and packaging needs for water, beverages, dairy, pharmaceuticals, and personal care products. Our services also extend to offering certificate courses in Business Administration to enrich the local entrepreneur in successfully managing their business. Applying our experience, we have developed viable technology and education solutions that bring unique value to our clients. We aim to be an extension of our clients’ resources and bring scope, scale and expertise to their operations.

In association with the United States Department of Agriculture (UDSA) and the United States Department of Commerce (USDC), Zafi Beverages is an international trade delegate, having traveled on Trade & Investment Missions overseas to:
  • Africa (Ghana, South Africa, Morocco)
  • Central America (Guatemala, Peru)
  • Eastern Europe (Romania, Russia, CIS)
  • Asia (Vietnam, Indonesia)